Boudoir Photography

We are the artists who make you shine.

Who are we anyway?

We’re a group of highly talented individuals, with specializations across a variety of fields (web development, graphics design, digital photography, set design and lighting, e-commerce and web marketing, search engine optimization, statistics analysis, etc) with one common interest: erotica.

Our collective background in the industry (some of us have over 15 years’ experience) means that we understand exactly what sells when it comes to erotica, and we’re focused on making the models we work with extremely alluring.

We are passionate about eros, and passionate about the beauty of the human form. Combining our passions with our expertise makes for explosive results.

Why you should work with us.

Simple: we are dedicated to helping our clients reach their target market. We’re extremely well versed in the web business; we understand the marketing model that most escorts and massage parlors use to promote their services online. We take our clients to the absolute cutting edge when it comes to their photos, their websites; their entire online presence. We are incredible at what we do for our clients.

Investment for Professional Packages

500 Essential Portfolio 3x

  •  2 Tantalising and polished images from your photo shoot.
  • Standard delivery pace.  Digitally Online. 
  • Add individual photos for 120 / image.
  • Only $500

    Compare this with the competition who are charging $300 for just 1 photo!

750 Essential Portfolio 7x

  • 4 Ravishing and polished images from your photo shoot.
  • Standard delivery pace.  Digitally Online. 
  • Add individual photos for 100 / image.
  • Only $750

Compare this with the competition who charge $500 for 5 photos and only 30 minutes of shooting time!

1000 Elite Portfolio 12x

  • 6 Alluring and polished images from your photo shoot.
  • Standard delivery pace.  Digitally Online. 
  • Add individual photos for 80 / image.
  • Only $1000

About Our Escort Photo Shoot Portfolio Packages

  • These packages are chosen at the end of the photo shoot, once the finalized photos from your shoot have been picked out.
  • You always have the option to buy some photos on the date of your photo shoot, and additional photos at a later point (we’ll keep them safe for you).
  • Package orders must be paid in full before we begin post processing finalised images; all images will be delivered electronically.
  • Post processed photos for these packages will be delivered to you at a standard delivery rate of 5 images / business day, starting from 3-4 business days *after* your photo shoot. You will receive the images typically later in the evening.
  • Complex photos that require very advanced post processing (large tattoos and heavy image modifications / removals) will be charged at an additional $35 per image (any photos in your package that falls under this category will be discussed with you in advance before they are worked on). These types of images require much more time and effort to properly post process, and this is why they are subject to the additional cost.
  • Online delivery is FREE, DVD Delivery is $12 or we can copy the photos to a very reliable 8GB USB 3.0 stick for an additional $16.95 to your order. You can use the same thumb stick to store images for future photo shoots as well.
  • We are not willing to exchange escort / massage services for our work. We’re professional; we take our work seriously. We’re also keen on respecting our clients and maintaining a comfortable environment.


Express Delivery Option For Packages

  • Standard delivery turnaround times for finalised photos are 3 images / business day, starting 3-4 business days after your photo shoot, with no finished image deliveries occurring on holidays or weekends.
  • Express delivery turnaround times for finalised photos can be *up to* 10 images / day, starting 1-2 days after your photo shoot,  including weekends and holidays.
  • To qualify for express delivery, you must enquire with us first, and give us time to confirm that we have the availability in our schedule to meet express delivery requirements.
  • If the option is available, express delivery is subject to a 100% increase in the package price (the package price is doubled).
  • The express delivery fee must be paid in advance, before any of the images are worked on or delivered to you at that frequency.


3rd Party Escort Photos Retouching Services

  • If you have your own professional escort photos (taken by a 3rd party) that need polishing / retouching, we’d be happy to work on them for you.
  • All third party photos that we retouch must be professionally captured. We will not be able to guarantee a quality finish if they are amateur photos captured with poor equipment.
  • Our retouching service includes brightness and contrast changes, prime colour changes, hue and saturation changes, sharpness changes, skin smoothening, blemish removals, pimple removals, stretch mark and wrinkle removals, *small* tattoo removals, face blurring and more.
  • We can also evaluate your photos, so that you have a professional opinion on which photos are high quality and marketable (to our standards).
  • Our standard delivery retouching fees for third party escort photos are $35 for standard photo retouching, and $70 for complex photo retouching.
  • Our express delivery retouching fees for third party escort photos are $70 for standard photo retouching, and $140 for complex photo retouching.
  • For complex photo polishing , you will be notified in advance if a photo we are going to work on falls in that category.

Our Escort Photo Shoots Breakdown

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Our photo shoots can be broken down into a few steps, with each step outlining specific activities. A typical photo shoot will last 3-4 hours, so please make sure that you have enough free time set aside for the entirety of the shoot (we cannot be rushed, it could result in poor photos taken).

Please keep in mind that our escort photo shoots are a *closed* set environment, meaning that the only people allowed on the set, are those involved with the photo shoot. The photographer(s), the assistant(s), and the model are the only people allowed on set, we need minimal distraction and interference as possible, to have a great shoot with fantastic results.


Before The Shoot

  • The best advice we can give, is that you see both a hair stylist and makeup artist before the shoot (the day of, but at least a few hours before we begin), especially if you wish to have your face in the photos (pretty models, please take our advice, the results will be well worth it!).
  • Let the makeup artist and hair stylist know that you are going to be doing a photo shoot, and they should be able to appropriately style your hair / makeup for the event (makeup especially for photography needs to be a little darker, see our escort makeup tips below).


The Pre Photo Shoot / Setup Step (30-45m)

  • You will need to sign our model release form (if you did not do so at the consultation), and we will take a high resolution photo of you holding a valid form of photo id, so that all our paperwork and 2257 compliance record keeping requirements are taken care of.
  • Then we will begin setting up the lighting equipment, evaluating and metering the set (measuring the available light), and wrapping up any other preparation tasks.


The Photo Shoot Step (1.5-2h)

  • This is where most of the magic happens, and it involves the model getting into various poses, the photographer moving around the model to find that “magical shot” and the assistant helping with holding / moving the lights, and making any positional adjustments to the model’s wardrobe, hair (if necessary).
  • If the assistant notices any flaws in the model’s hair or wardrobe during a pose, they may offer to make adjustments to the model before the photographer begins shooting a finalized pose. The model will have several poses that she will be getting into, so there will be several opportunities to make adjustments (the only exception to this is if there is a blatant malfunction that would be terribly difficult to correct in post processing ~ only then should the photographer be interrupted).
  • If the room is spacious enough (i.e. a suite or an apartment) and allows for it, we can incorporate different areas of the location as background sets for the photo shoot, it only involves having to move the lighting equipment, and re-metering the location so that the model is properly lit in each area (in total about 5-10 minutes or so between areas).
  • The model will also have time in between poses to do any wardrobe changes or hair adjustments herself. There will also be at least 2-3 short breaks throughout the photo shoot for a little rest.


The Post Photo Shoot / Wrapping Up Step (1-1.5h)

  • This step involves taking apart and packing up the lighting equipment, the camera equipment, and any other equipment that has been brought to the set by our team.
  • When everything is packed up, the model is then taken through all the images of the photo shoot, and decisions are made by both the model and the photographer about which photos will be included in the final, purchased set(s).
  • If there are too many photos you wish to purchase, and you are unable to pay for them all at one time, we recommend buying what you can on the day of the shoot, and then pre-ordering the rest at a later date. We do keep detailed records of all the photos and models we shoot, so your future selections will be ready for you when you are ready to make the down payment for post processing them.
  • A receipt is drafted outlining the file names of the photo shoot’s final chosen images, and once a down payment is made (60% of the cost if the order is over 500.00, 100% of the cost if the order is under 500.00), we’ll begin post processing the photos on the next available business day.


The Digital Darkroom Step (5-10 pics / day)

  • This step outlines the post processing stage of your final images, where all the major adjustments and polishing is done for all the photos you’ve chosen. This step is performed in our in-house studio, on state-of-the-art workstations meant to handle post processing large images.
  • Post processing adjustments include: brightness and contrast changes, prime colour changes, hue and saturation changes, sharpness changes, skin smoothening, blemish removals, pimple removals, stretch mark and wrinkle removals, *small* tattoo removals, face blurring and more. We make the necessary changes to the photos until they satisfy our standard of quality.
  • Please note that while we do make many cosmetic changes, we avoid the “fully airbrushed” look that is seen in photos all over the web / magazines. We will make you look fantastic and blemish free, but not “flawless” like a perfectly polished android.
  • Large tattoo and other complex removals can be performed for an extra charge. Please see our packages and rates above for more information.
  • The standard turnaround time for post processed images is 5 fully polished photos in a business day, though we can finalize up to 10 images (in a business day or on Saturday / Sunday) at the cost of our express rate, assuming our schedule allows for it (if we have too many bookings with other models, we will be unable to offer express delivery).
  • If you have paid 60% of the cost of your order (orders over 500.00), we will transfer half of your order electronically (via email or by instant messenger), and the other half in person, when we have collected the remainder of the payment. If you have paid 100% of the cost of your order (orders less than 500.00), we will transfer all of your order electronically (via email or instant messenger).

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Escort Photo Shoots | Makeup Tips

Though we do encourage our models to wear makeup for the photo shoots (it can greatly enhance features if applied properly), there are those who have a natural beauty, and we can absolutely appreciate a person wanting to capture that natural beauty without makeup, so please do not consider it mandatory.

  • Deep shades of nail polish look great in photos that include your hands or feet (try to avoid shocking / clashing colors ~ a classy look avoids clashing color).
  • If wearing makeup, we suggest using a quality type that shows up nicely in photos (i.e. MAC brand). Use powder based makeup over oil based, to avoid shiny looking skin. You can also use an application of powder on your skin to achieve a non-shiny, matte finish (but we recommend using powetr based makeup from the get-go).
  • Blush and eye shadow should be applied a bit heavier than usual, but still neat and precise.
  • Additionally, if you plan on wearing lipstick, and want it to really get noticed in the photos, it should be at least one shade deeper than usual (please avoid using frosted lipstick, it shows up very light in photos).
  • If you plan on having your face in the photos, and your eyelashes are short, false eyelashes can dramatically enhance the look of your eyes ~ do not attempt unless you know how to apply them properly!
  • Alternatively, if you do not plan on having your face in the shots, look into wearing lipstick as we may include your lips in some of the photos.
  • We recommend seeing a professional makeup artist / hair stylist before the shoot, as they will enhance your look. Let the makeup artist know you are doing a photo shoot so that the makeup is applied correctly for photography (usually thicker, slightly darker tones, and powder based).

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