Commercial Photo Shoot: Shoephix Boutique & Models

Commissioned shoot with Shoephix.  Shoephix is a boutique store located in Yale town, Vancouver. 
It was a pleasure working with Lahna the owner and Sophia the marketing manager of the store. Sophia had couple models pre booked for the shoot.  To my surprise, i got to work with Christina Lagne again. Always a pleasure with her as she performs well behind the camera. Tidarat is the other model booked.  She's a beautiful model and mom of two originally from Thailand and had done some previous modelling there. Her kids are in high school if you believe it! Originally, we had a few locations scouted or the shoot. One of which was an old elevator in a storage facility. You know those retro elevators where you have to pull the gates down. Unfortunately, those pictures didn't turn out as the budget for this shoot limited my use of heavier lighting equipment. None the less the weather was great, Sophia helped me with the lighting outside so we were able to get away with some decent pictures and called it a day! Lahna was nice enough to take us out to lunch for some sandwiches!  Overall these pictures received a positive reception so I was satisfied with this project.

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