"Chasing Nostalgia"- A Photo Shoot of Grunge and Romance

She wanted an anarchistic location of historic significance, one that whispers hardship, pain, and sacrifice, a dark place that would complement her shy character. A calming sensation of peace envelops us as we venture in to this miniature community. A historic heritage with deep roots dating back to 1880's when the first Finnish settlers arrived here in Richmond. Dark clouds of rainy grey can be seen creeping towards us while the sun finds an opening and peeks through. A gust of wind passes through the little slough while droplets of rain dashes through the air.  "Let the wind style your hair!" I exclaimed and so it begun. 

Here I had the opportunity with a very special model who wanted a unique shoot. No, not the typical preppy shoots where stylists spend hours on the models and the photographers deploy intricate lighting just to achieve the right look. None of that. No makeup, no stylist, no wardrobe, no lighting equipment, all natural and two cameras with a 35 mm and a 50 mm lens. 
I wanted to progressively reveal the characteristics of her and this archaic haven and so I present to you this set in the same chronological order of how it was shot.