Winnie & Tomy's Wedding: A DIY Classy Rustic Succulent themed Celebration!

When Winnie approached me with the details for wedding photography service, I was ecstatic as ever to hear that she was going with a Rustic DIY theme with a hand made succulent bouquet and a string quartet to background the ceremony! 


“We had a great time working with Dustin.  He is very approachable at our first meeting, making us comfortable to explore what we were looking for.  The detailed questionnaire we completed for him afterwards enables us to focus on the kind of shoots we prefer and he delivers!  On the big day, he catches all the important moments.  All the candid shoots are fabulous! He is able to lead us pose but he was never authoritative in doing so.  We really like his approach.  When he presented the picture gallery to us, we literally relived the moments and was super happy with what he did.  Dustin is second to none! I would recommend him to anyone who wants to have great wedding photo experience on their big day.” -Winnie & Tomy

Here is a few from the set!   Or   Check out the entire set  in this beautiful online gallery (click here.)


Summer Shoot with Model feat. Christina Lange, CK Personal Styling & Dora Lee

Not all shoots go without hiccups. Hitting record highs of 31 degrees celsius here in Richmond, BC (Vancouver), what else can we ask for other than a beautiful day for a nice bridal themed shoot!  It was really on the hot side but at least it wasn't raining. Originally I had scheduled a shoot with the lovely model Christina Lange and local makeup artist (whom I shall not name) who was going to loan a wedding dress from her contact and collaborating boutique Pure Magnolia Gowns. With less than 15 hours notice, I was told the shop had unexpectedly closed early for the day and she wasn't able to pick up the dress on time for the shoot. She would cancel or reschedule instead. I was furious as it was disappointing news to both Christina and I as I had to book a venue for the shoot and I was looking forward to working with them both. I told Christina to stay on hold with the clock ticking I fall back on my contact list of makeup artists who were willing to collaborate!  Dora Lee an aspiring student studying at Blanche Mac Donald for makeup artistry was a life saver. Out of a whims notice she was able to make it to the shoot the next day to work her magic on Christina's hair and makeup. Fortunately Christina had brought with her two lovely formal dresses perfect for the summer themed shoot! One of the dresses was provided by Casey Kauffman from CK Personal Styling. With that set and the fury still pulsing in my veins I wasn't satisfied. I contacted another model Maja and setup another shoot the same day right after Christina except it will be done around Kits Beach instead. Maja is another spontaneous one! Just like Dora, she was able make the shoot on such short notice! Maja's shoot will be for another blog entry! 

On shoot day everything went as planned. Everybody came on time!  WOW! As far as photo shoots go, if you ain't punctual, you ain't serious, and if you ain't serious, you ain't gonna make it. So I was rather impressed with everybody's efforts including my lovely assistant(girl friend) who booked the venue for me and carried my reflector. Thank you Dearest!

Enjoy this set with Christina in two beautiful dresses.

-Dustin H.

Model: Christina Lange

Makeup: Dora Lee

Wardrobe: CK Personal Styling by Casey Kaufman

Many thanks to Casey for the dress, you can visit her Facebook Page HERE.



"Chasing Nostalgia"- A Photo Shoot of Grunge and Romance

She wanted an anarchistic location of historic significance, one that whispers hardship, pain, and sacrifice, a dark place that would complement her shy character. A calming sensation of peace envelops us as we venture in to this miniature community. A historic heritage with deep roots dating back to 1880's when the first Finnish settlers arrived here in Richmond. Dark clouds of rainy grey can be seen creeping towards us while the sun finds an opening and peeks through. A gust of wind passes through the little slough while droplets of rain dashes through the air.  "Let the wind style your hair!" I exclaimed and so it begun. 

Here I had the opportunity with a very special model who wanted a unique shoot. No, not the typical preppy shoots where stylists spend hours on the models and the photographers deploy intricate lighting just to achieve the right look. None of that. No makeup, no stylist, no wardrobe, no lighting equipment, all natural and two cameras with a 35 mm and a 50 mm lens. 
I wanted to progressively reveal the characteristics of her and this archaic haven and so I present to you this set in the same chronological order of how it was shot.


Professional Portraits: Fitness Photo Shoot with Steve Nash Sports Club

I was commissioned to photograph staff from Steve Nash Fitness World / Sports Club.

This time a Manager and certified Personal Trainer poses for me..

Do you need a progress fitness photo shoot?  

Are you a personal trainer in need of professional profile update?  Give me a shout!

For gallery of other fitness work visit my peoples gallery here.

Lovelyn & Marc's Wedding: The limo ride full of laughter and tears!

What an honor to be part of Lovelyn and Marcellus' special day! The team and I had lots of fun shooting today, of course that's what we are passionate about!  Although the weather isn't the greatest, it doesn't stop us or the bride and family from enjoying this precious and special occasion!  Through wind and storm, love prevails!

Here is a few shots during our ride in the limo to our shoot location! Click on image to cycle through them. The entire set can be viewed here.